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 Power Alternatives - Anne Meyer & Andrew Dickson

Research - What can you find out about power?


Use in a sentence
A natural resource or source of energy.
Renewable resources provide only about 30 percent of
Hydroelectric is when turbines underwater is used to make energy/electricity by using the force and strength of the water in the dam.
Water Turbines are used in the process of Hydroelectric.
Reactor is a type of machine that helps reproduce resources for example Nuclear Reactors repulse energy into resources...
A nuclear reactor uses a reactor for the machine.

What is Solar energy?

Pros (positive things about it)
Cons (negative things about it)
It is free to use the sun, for it is out everyday.
Sunlight is not available all the time, for the days are halved with night time where there is no sun but the moon.

What is Tidal energy?

It is a clean energy source because, unlike the burning of fossil fuels, it does not release greenhouse gases or other pollutants into the air.
Expensive to build, Very location specific (only 20 sites identified with high potential), Non-continuous, storage or grid-backup required.

What is Hydroelectric energy?

It on requires moving water in order to work. It is considered to be green source of energy. It does not pollute itself. Only the construction of the power plants can be potential sources of energy..
There are numerous environmental consequences of damming water, flooding entire areas, creating massive reservoirs, changing water flow, blocking the natural course of rivers, and constructing power lines and roads.

What is Nuclear energy?

Nuclear power also has a lot fewer greenhouse emissions. It has been determined that the amount of greenhouse gases have decreased by almost half because of the prevalence in the utilization of nuclear power. Nuclear energy has the least effect on nature since it doesn’t discharge any gasses like methane and carbon dioxide, which are the primary “greenhouse gasses.
One of the biggest issues is environmental impact in relation to uranium. The process of mining and refining uranium hasn’t been a clean process. Actually transporting nuclear fuel to and from plants represents a pollution hazard. Also, once the fuel is used, you can’t simply take it to the landfill – it’s radioactive and dangerous.

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