Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Kiwi Can

On friday the 25~8~17 I was in room 9 and we went to kiwi can to learn about self control. When we got to the room 11 door Miss toiya came out and welcomed us into the classroom.

When we went to the room where kiwi can people teach, we sat in a circle and Mr Numia, (Kiwi Can teacher) gave a greeting in a different language and we had to try and guess where the greeting comes from. Then we had our energiser and what you do to play the game is you have to have a ball and you have to spread your legs forming a triangle shape. What you have to do is roll the ball under someone’s legs to get them out and then you can move in and fill the gap where the person was. Then we were talking about what that game was helping us with involving self control and the same with our activity. In our activity we had to dance to music and when the music stops you have to sit quickly and fold your legs, the last person that sits down and doesn’t fold their legs they are out!

At the end of our lesson i felt happy because it was fun learning about all the things about self control and of course playing the games was fun!

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  1. Hi Tumanako,

    You have followed the stucture of a recount well - you wrote an introduction, described the events in order and wrote a conclusion with an overall statement - ka rawe! Next time perhaps you could include a little more information about the events, so that you could split them up into more paragraphs. Perhaps you could write how you were feeling, what other students were doing, if it was easy/hard etc. I liked how you explained how to play the games - that was really helpful for your audience!


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