Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Bastion Point

This week my reading group have learnt about Bastion Point. For many years there was an argument between the Government and Ngāti Whātua about who owned the land. This is my DLO about what I learned.

Questions and Answers

What is Bastion Point?
Bastion Point is a section of land that the iwi, Ngati whatua, gave to the government.

Why did the British and Maori have different ideas about who owned the land?
The british wanted to buy land so that they could settle in New Zealand but they were actually buying more land than what existed in New Zealand.

Why did Ngati Whatua let the government use the land at Bastion Point?
Because the iwi (Ngati whatua) were happy to share their land with british but they did not have the same idea about the ownership.

Who burnt down the marae at Bastion Point?
The government burnt down the Bastion Point along with the houses near it. This happened in 1952 because (in the government's words) he explained that they did that because they were preparing for Queen Elizabeth’s (II) visit.

What does the word profit mean?
It means that when the government sold the gifted land he was earning money.

Do you think the police or the protesters were doing the right thing? Why?
I think the protesters were doing the right thing because they could have encouraged the government to give the land back to the Maori

What is your opinion about this issue?

My opinion is that the government should have just kept to their deal and given the land back to the Maori, but then I probably wouldn’t be here or even have or known my family especially my father, my Non, (grandma) my siblings and the rest of my family. So at a time i am also thankful that it happened.

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  1. Ka pai Tumanako, you have clearly understood the text about Bastion Point. It is great to see you sharing your thoughts on the matter as well.