Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My Holiday's

Going to the farm, Beach and going on the boat!

Last wednesday (during the holidays) I was in Kaitaia with my FAMILY.
I went  Up North with my two brothers. We went to one of my family member’s farm. While we were there, we played around the treehouse, on their land, had a tour around the farm, talked to the animals and captured a tiny lizard that wasn’t even half the size of my hand! We were there because it was my cousin’s 16th  birthday! Then we got ready to leave.

When we got to the beach my family members brought the boat into the water and got the biscuit ready (something that gets dragged by a boat) for the three people to jumped on. While 4 people and I got on to the boat. We were watching them have fun, going up and down and watching them fall off. My cousin’s and I wanted to get on the biscuit but it had deflated while the other three were on it. When we got off the boat and started swimming, my 6 year old cousin went on with his mum along with all the adults. After everyone was finished having fun, we all had something to eat then went home.

My highlight of that day was going on the boat and having a lot of fun with my family and my low light was that my dad couldn’t come because he had to work and that we weren’t able to go on the biscuit which was a big disappointment. But at least i had FUN!

I recommend this story for people 8 and over because they might even want to go on a biscuit one day!


  1. Well done for completing this recount - you followed the structure of a recount as you described the events in order and included an overall statement about it. It was fabulous to see you adding more detail to your work, you added interesting vocabulary like “dragged” and “deflated” that helped the reader to understand your writing. You also added interesting ideas such as “the lizard wasn’t even half the size of my hand!” - this was a great description. Lets keep using words and descriptions like these in your recounts.

  2. Hi Tumanako!

    I loved reading about your holiday recount because it sounds just like how I used to spend my holidays as a child. I grew up on a farm and we would often go out and feed the animals and ride around on the quad bikes. I've also been on a biscuit on a lake in Otaki and it's so much fun, especially when you fall off and watch other people fall off!

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    Nicky :)