Friday, 24 March 2017

How are humans polluting the environment?

We are learning to use words and phrases that are appropriate to the topic.

  People are polluting the area by building factories that release’s smoke into the air, and even cows are pollute the air from when they fart, it pollutes the air. it is called carbon dioxide. Most of this air pollution we cause results from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas, and gasoline to produce electricity and power our vehicles. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a good indicator of how much fossil fuel is burned and how much of other pollutants are emitted as a result.

  Water pollution:
Most of the water pollution we cause is from the rubbish that we through into the water, rivers, streams, oceans and the seweges. When all of this rubbish leads out to where all of the sea creatures are they will get really sick and if we keep on doing this for a long time eventually some of these sea creatures will be extinct.

  Earth pollution:
People are causing Earth pollution by cutting down trees, and by those people whom are doing that are making less oxygen for us other humans, that aren’t cutting down trees. If people keep doing this there will be less and less oxygen for us to breath in and the animals that live in trees will no longer have anywhere to live.

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