Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Explanation Writing

W.A.L.T follow the structure of an explanation

Introduction: Food is something we eat every single day to give us energy, protein and strength.
Paragraph 1
If you do not watch what we are eating it can lead to obesity. Obesity is a person that is fat, or you could say overweight. Obesity can give you diseases like strokes, heart problems, diabetes, makes unable to do physical activities, nerve damage.
Paragraph 2
It can also change your mood. For example, my teacher was eating healthy all her life because her parents wanted that best for her and her siblings. So when she got her own house she thought of eating sugary and junk food for dinner and lunch for a month. She told us that she started notice a change in her she was gaining weight couldn’t do anything physical and her mood was changing. She was starting to get more depressed and skin even started to look different.
Paragraph 3

If you are eating junk food or something that is bad for you it can also affects your teeth. Germs are first on your teeth then you are eating junk food that equals to acid and when that acid hits your teeth it becomes decay which lead’s to holes in your teeth and it can turn to the colour black and green and that is why you also need to brush your teeth and watch what you are eating.

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