Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Police dogs

Today 26.9.17 we went to go and see the police men and their dog Kase.

Kase is a lovely dog and very smart. His owner (Collin & grant) the police men, told us a lot about Kase like: he weighs 39kg, run's 65km an hour, he was brought up in a school for police dogs for ten week's in Mount Wellington and he is a German Shepard, he is six and half years old.

Then they showed us some of Kase's tricks to us. They put sleeves on so when he is released  Grant starts running and Kase runs after him and bites the sleeves.

When Kase was a puppy they taught him how to track.
How they taught him is:
They squashed the grass and put food ion the squashed grass so if he goes of the grass he knows he will not get food, and that is how they teach dogs to track.

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