Friday, 4 August 2017

The New Zealand Wars

                The New Zealand Wars

We are learning to justify our answers to comprehension questions using the text

My Answer
Page number (where I found the information from)
What was the war fought over?
Who owned the land

How long did the war go on for?
27 years

Why did HŌne Heke Pōkai cut down the flagpole?
Because he was protesting the capital city being moved

Did the pakeha find it easy to fight in the northern war?
No because they underestimated the maori

What belief did Governor Grey have?
Governor grey thought that they were better than maori

What was the King Movement (Kingitanga)?
They decided to let the Maori king protect their land.

What are Pa?
A pā is a defensive structure consisting of trenches, earth walls, and wooden palisades.

What was the British version of Pa?
British used forts or trenches

What happened in the Waikato war?
George grey was preparing for the largest military operation of the New Zealand Wars. Grey was determined to kill the Maori king.

What happened at the end of the wars?
In the end the british won the war and did end up winning their land.

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  1. Hi Tumanako,

    You used skimming and scanning to find all of the answers from the text, so you have met the learning intention. What did you find most interesting from this book?


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