Saturday, 4 February 2017

About me

My name is Tumanako, I am a year 6. My Nationality is English which is also European. I like my class and my teacher, my teacher's name is Miss Stone. My favourite colour is White, Turquoise,  Blue, Purple and Black.
I have played in the Glenbrae School soccer team and the Netball team. In Netball i played as the centre. I have two brothers, Lennyx and Lewis. My favourite type of food is my non’s nachos. some day’s after school i would go out on bike rides with my brothers and dad or just me and my little brother Lewis. When i finish school I do my homework and if I don’t have homework i do my school work that I have not finished. My favourite sport is Netball and my favourite Subject is Maths.


  1. Hi Tumanako,

    Well done! I know in the beginning you had so many wonderful ideas, it was hard to decide which ones to use. This about me will tell your audience more about you when they click on your blog. Tino pai!

  2. Hi Davarni

    I really like your writing. I now know more about you! Keep It Up!

  3. Hi Tumanako! It looks like you've made an awesome start to 2017 in room 8!! Keep working hard and trying your best!!! I look forward to reading about your learning adventures over the year!!!
    Miss Kay

    1. Thank you Miss Kay i will work hard and I hope I will see you again.