Thursday, 7 April 2016

Tumanako_Discribe story map

The name of the character I am describing is:


Title:Shelter from the wind

Author:Janice marriott

He/ She/It looks like: Ropati is a boy.He has black hair, brown eyes,brown skin and blue shoes.


I wonder:I wonder if ropati didn’t give his teacher the flower in the bottle what would happen.  

Photo/ Image of the character:

She/ He/ It  looks like that because:Ropati has black hair because he was born his mum has black,Ropati has brown eyes because his mum has brown eyes,Ropati has brown skin because his family has brown skin,Ropati is wearing blue shoes because he likes the colour blue.

Photo/ Image of the character:Couldn't get a photo

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