Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Toi Toi reading with P.W.C

Today people from the P.W.C Toi Toi company came to Glenbrae School to inspire us to write or draw something that can be published in the Toi Toi books.

I was in a group of four and my volunteer, Emily a wonderful lady that had an amazing accent.

We read together some interesting, amazing stories and poems that were published by 9 - 14 year old students from all over the New Zealand. There were also some amazing and mind blowing art that students younger than me published. It inspired me to make my own story, poem or even drawing a picture. I learnt some new vocabulary words that I could use in my writing and the meanings. My favourite text was The Warrior's Last Man (46 - 51 pages). The fun thing that I liked about today was reading the stories and poems and gazing at the art pictures.

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