Monday, 10 April 2017

Class presentation

Today in the Glenbrae School hall, every class in Glenbrae did a presentation on pollution and sustainability.
Our class made an artwork and we did a presentation on sustainable Burritos that we made on Friday. The burritos were sustainable because we used vegetables that didn't have chemicals on it, we used chicken instead of beef, because beef comes from cows and when cows fart it makes methane. Methane is a type of gas. We used less diary products we only used a little bit of cheese. The artwork that we did was a drawing of a girl at was holding onto an earth balloon. Then we wrote Do Not Let Go Of Our EARTH beside the girl. We drew a black and grey brick wall, the earth and the writing were green and blue.

This is the picture of our presentation.


  1. Hi Tumanako,

    It is great to see you sharing our class' learning and explaining how we made the sustainable burritos. What did you most enjoy in inquiry this term?

  2. Kia ora Tumanako!!! I like the way you put a lot of info for your Class presentation. Maybe next time you could show a close up picture of your work. This reminds me of when I did my speech. How long did it take you to do it? Noho ora mai.